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Shower Screens

Choosing a shower screen is no easy task. The team at Best For Less will be happy to show you the different options in their showroom as well as advise you based on your requirements.

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are created by removing the frame around the perimeter and using patch fittings only to secure the panels to the structure. The smooth, clear glass lines give the impression of extra space and are a must for those seeking an elegant yet easy to clean shower screens.

The smooth clear glass lines makes it unobtrusive giving you the impression of extra room. A must for the fastidious buyer.

Framed and Semi Frameless

Pivot doors are available in two finishes: framed and semi-frameless. Best For Less use soft, curved lines in all shower screens where possible. The pivot mechanism has a hold open operation as well as self-closing.
Traditional sliding doors with major improvements such as ball bearing rollers, continuous grip stiles and smooth trackless sills combined with rounded profiles, makes our sliding door system a safe and stylish fixture.

A large selection of tinted and obscured glass is available.

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