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Shapes of Mirrors: What do they say about you?

Mirrors have a Mirrorsplace in mythology, religion and culture. They are seen to many as the windows to our soul, to some as a source of bad luck when they break! There are many places in the family home where the mirror makes an appearance; they are in our bedrooms, in our bathrooms, in our halls and in our living rooms. There is much prominence on the humble mirror in today’s society and with such a focus it may well be that the shape of the mirror you choose says something about you and that it is indeed a little window on your soul.

The Meaning Behind the Shape

The rectangle is a strong shape, it is masculine, it is defined and it is forceful yet on a wall in a living room it can be conventional and does not stand out from its surroundings such as the chimney breast or doorframes. The person with a rectangle on the mantel piece is perhaps a silent but strong person. The square mirror therefore also represents this strength, but stands out more from the crowd and is a stronger feature on the wall and in life.

A triangle is another strong mirror shape and likes to draw full attention to it; this may be perhaps like the householder to whom it belongs. It is more of a statement than a statement mirror, which come in forms of waves and stars and hearts which is more playful than attention grabbing.

An oval mirror is a much more feminine shape, its angles are obviously softened and due to this is it still able to blend in to the surroundings and becomes part of the decor of the room, along with the soft plump cushions and the fruit bowls. A living room containing an oval mirror becomes immediately inviting, soft and non-intrusive. It is conventional and traditional. Circular mirrors add feminine but fun elements to the room and may reflect the playful nature of their owner.

How we see the mirror in our life is perhaps an important part of our lives and how we portray that to the world might show how we want to interact on that world In this way can the mirror be the window to our soul; or is it just like any art form a way in which to express ourselves to the outside world and in this case to those who enter our homes?

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