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The Best Storage Solutions to Put Inside Your Fitted Wardrobes

When you are having fitted wardrobes designed one area a lot of people overlook is how important it is to get the configuration inside your fitted wardrobes right, to give you the optimum use of the space inside and allow you to safely store all of your clothes, shoes and accessories. Here we look at some things you should think about having inside your new fitted wardrobes.

Obviously you’ll need a clothes rail in your wardrobe to hang suits, dresses and coats, but you can consider, if you have a lot of things that need hanging up in a small space, having two levels of rails in your fitted wardrobes. This means you can hang up twice as many things out of sight and out of the way. You may not want to do this in both sides of your fitted wardrobes though, because a one level rail in one portion gives you somewhere to hand full length coats or dresses if you have them.


Small cupboards within the wardrobe can make use of space where you don’t have things hanging, for example above the rails or at the bottom, to give you more storage choices. Things you put in the wardrobe cupboards can include accessories like handbags and belts, and scarves.


There are all sorts of ways you can use shelves to make the most of any spare space inside your fitted wardrobes. Shelves of different heights can give you a convenient way to store larger accessories, sweaters and jeans.


If you have drawers within the fitted wardrobes you can store your t-shirts and things like underwear and socks in the wardrobe, meaning you don’t need separate dressers for all of that stuff. This can make your fitted wardrobes the complete clothes storage solution for the room.


You can also choose to furnish your fitted wardrobes with different types of racks to suit the things you have the most of. For businessmen, a good rack for ties can help organise things. For those who love shoes a shoe rack at the bottom of the fitted wardrobes can help keep all of the shoes together, organised, and looking good.


If you don’t have mirrors on the outside of your fitted wardrobes’ doors, you should consider fitting some on the inside. Mirrors in the wardrobe can make getting ready so much easier, and you can have as much mirror space as you need either inside or outside the doors of your fitted wardrobes.

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