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The Different Types of Built-in Wardrobes Internals Available

A lot of thought usually goes into picking out the outer appearance of built-in wardrobes, seeing as how they can make such a big impact on the way a room looks. What you should also consider when building, designing or ordering built-in wardrobes, however, is how you want your wardrobes configured like on the inside.

There are a few different types of internal fittings you can use inside built-in wardrobes to really make the most of the space and provide storage for all different kinds of things, meaning you can keep them stowed away out of sight behind whatever wardrobe doors you choose!


Clothes Rails

The first and most obvious thing you’ll want, if your built-in wardrobes are going to be used for conventional, clothes storage purposes, are rails to hang your clothes from. If you have a lot of long dresses or coats, you may want just one rail, however you can also choose to have two rails at different heights to hang twice as many items in your space.


Drawers inside your built-in wardrobes can give you a good, tidy place to keep smaller clothes items like t-shirts and underwear, and also to store other things like make-up and jewelry, removing the need for a bulky dresser in your bedroom, which is great if you don’t have much other space.


Shelves provide another type of storage, and if your built-in wardrobes go from floor to ceiling, having shelves in the upper part of the wardrobes means you can make use of that upper area to stash things you don’t use that often but need a place for, such as luggage. You can have other shelves as part of your configuration lower down to keep things you access more regularly.


You can get different types of racks inside your built-in wardrobes to hold certain clothes items and keep them in good condition. Typical examples of how you might do this are tie racks, racks to hang bags on, and shoe racks which you can have at the bottom of your built-in wardrobes to make good use of the floor space inside.


Placing mirrors inside the wardrobe can help you get ready. You can have them on the inside of hinged wardrobe doors, or on the front of your drawers inside the wardrobe – anywhere that is around the right height for you.

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