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Installation Time of Shower Screens

If you’re looking to redecorate your bathroom, high quality, specially made shower screens can make all the difference. Whether you choose a sleek, elegant frameless design in tempered glass, or a foldaway design that you can keep out of the way when not in use, shower screens are more attractive than shower curtains, and also last much longer, as well as being much easier to keep clean. They also do a far better job of keeping water inside your tub or shower area where it should be – which is their main purpose after all!

The only real drawback to having specially made, custom shower screens is that you will want to have them professionally installed, and this means that you will need to arrange for someone to come round and do this when you place your order. This isn’t really a problem if you choose or commission the design of your shower screens early in your redecoration or renovation planning, however, and lead times can be pretty quick if you choose a good company to get your shower screens from.

How long you will typically have to wait for installation of your shower screens will depend on a number of factors. If you choose an off the shelf design, then it will generally simply be a matter of finding a time that fits with your schedule and that of the showers screens company you are using’s installation team. Lead times can be slightly longer if you are having bespoke shower screens designed or made because you want a unique design or an unusual size, because of course materials will have to be sourced and the shower screens will need to be designed and built, plus any time taken for you to approve designs if that is part of the plan. Even in this case, the process can generally be completed quite quickly if you need it to be, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long to start using your new shower screens.

You should talk to the suppliers when you are in the process of picking your shower screens if you have any special requirements for installation, for example if you will only be available on certain days or at weekends, or if you absolutely need your shower screens fitted before a certain day, perhaps if you have guests coming and need the shower screens for a guest bathroom. Most companies will be more than happy to accommodate your needs, but special requirements like this may lead to a different lead time to what they normally offer.

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