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Switching from Built-in Wardrobes with Hinged Doors to Sliding Doors

Built-in wardrobes can make the best space saving option when it comes to storing all kinds of things in all kinds of rooms, whether it be your clothes and shoes in your bedroom, your kids’ toys and games in a playroom or nursery, or all of your entertainment hardware in the living room. They are easy to customise on the inside with different rails, shelves, drawers and racks, making it easy to store just about anything you’ve got in a way that is easy to conceal, keeping your home looking tidy and clutter free.

When it comes to the designs of built-in wardrobes, there are two broad types – built-in wardrobes with hinged doors that open out into the room, and built-in wardrobes with sliding doors.

Hinged doors are good if you have small, narrow wardrobes and want to be able to open out the whole thing at once, or if you are using the built-in wardrobes to house something you sometimes want on display, like a big flat screen television, but in most other situations sliding doors on your built-in wardrobes are the smarter choice.

This is mainly because sliding doors save space – you don’t have to have space around the wardrobe unit to open the doors out, so if the wardrobe is close to your bed or any other furniture, it is much easier to live with a sliding door arrangement when you want to get to the stuff inside.

If you currently have hinged door built-in wardrobes and want to change them for a sliding door set-up, you could do this and keep the internal design the same simply by having some new doors fitted. You can choose a design you like, whether you go for plain, mirrored, wooden, or a custom design you like, and then arrange for these to be fitted on to replace your old hinged doors. A good time to do this might be if you are redecorating, and your current built-in wardrobes look tired or dated.

Many companies who provide built-in wardrobes will be able to do a door replacement of this kind on existing built-in wardrobes, to allow you to keep a configuration you are happy with but revamp the look and style of your wardrobes, as well as, if you take this option, giving you the space saving benefits of sliding doors over hinged ones.

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