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Five Reasons to Choose Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes for Your Bedroom

There are lots of different types of  built-in wardrobe design you can opt for when redecorating a bedroom, however the best way to get a great clothing storage solution and make your room look really good is to choose sliding door fitted wardrobes. Here we look at what makes sliding door fitted wardrobes so much better than the alternatives for most people:

1. Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes Give You More Space for Clothes
Sliding door fitted wardrobes give you more space for your clothes because they use the full height of the room and make the most of the wall space. Rather than being limited to the dimensions of a standing wardrobe, you have all of the wall space to playwith, and if you are clever about the layout inside the wardrobe you can easily double or even treble how much stuff you can get in there.

2. Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes Look Neater
Because sliding door fitted wardrobes don’t need a space all of their own, because they blend in to the walls in the bedroom, they don’t look like they take up as much space as they do. They simply form part of the room. This gives a much smarter, tidier appearance than standing wardrobes.

3. Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes Can Be Customised
You can customise both the interior and exterior of the wardrobe, making it work better for you. Whether you are using the wardrobe just for yourself or you have to share it with a partner, you can organise the kind of hanging and rack space inside to suit the kind of things you have. If you have a lot of coats, suits or dresses you will want more hang space, whereas if you have a lot of t-shirts you may prefer more drawers or shelves.

4. Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes Can Be Installed For You
Most furniture you buy these days you’ll have to put together yourself at home following all those complicated instructions, or even if it is delivered built, a wardrobe is a heavy and bulky thing to move about and place yourself. Sliding door fitted wardrobes are installed inside the room, so you don’t need to worry about any of that.

5. Sliding Door Fitted Wardrobes Don’t Get in The Way
Wardrobes with doors that open out can be awkward, especially in a small room. With sliding door fitted wardrobes you don’t have to worry about moving your bed or other furniture into a certain position so you can fully open the doors, so they are much easier to decorate around and live with.

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