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How to Choose Built-In Wardrobes Internals That Meet Your Requirements

Wardrobe InternalsChoosing your built-in wardrobes internals is probably the most important part of designing the wardrobe. Sure, how it looks on the outside and the way it blends in with your surroundings matters, but without the right internals it could all just prove to be a waste.

To make the most of built-in wardrobes, utilising the space to the best of your ability is key. The way to do this is to really take stock of your particular needs and not just create a cookie-cutter setup. Really take the time to consider the things that you’ll be storing in the wardrobe. What’s the point in having the traditional bar across the top and a couple of shelves when drawer space is really what you need? Unless you have an abundance of suits, dresses or formal items, chances are that a smaller hanging rod and more drawers will make more sense for you. Built-in wardrobes internals should be designed specifically for you and not just for the masses.

Another factor that’s often overlooked when choosing a built-in wardrobe’s internals is your height. Yes, your height! What’s the point in hanging clothing 2 metres the ground if the person reaching for the clothes is barely 1,50 metres tall? Rods that are hung lower or even adjustable rods with pull down bars are worth considering so you don’t waste the space you have. The same goes for the placement of drawers and shelves. This is not to say that the space up high should go to waste, rather just that choosing the right internals and setting them up based on your specific needs will go much further and give you more bang for your buck.

Before you get carried away with all of the great goodies you can have as far as your wardrobe’s internals, remember anyone else who may be sharing the wardrobe with you. This is especially important if a child may be using the space as well so that you can be sure to incorporate things such as safety locks, if needed.

Built-in wardrobe internals should be as unique as the person using them. We’re not all the same and we don’t have the same needs so why settle for one-size-fits-all package that runs you the risk of wasting precious space and money? Do your best to choose the best options for your specific needs.

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