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How to Choose A Good Shower Screen

Shower ScreenIf you follow the below information you will ensure that you choose a product which is right for the job. In choosing the right shower screen it is important to consider all the key elements of what makes a good shower screen.

The space available to you in the bathroom may be a key starting point for many in the choice of shower screen. It may be that you have the luxury of having enough space to have a hinged door; however it may be that a bi-fold or pivotal bathroom shower screen may be more appropriate, to ensure that you don’t bump the shower screen in to the toilet or the sink. When planning your new bathroom it is essential that you consider how the shower screen will open onto the bathroom and don’t forget to consider how that works with the bathroom door as well.

When considering a good shower screen it is important to note that it must create a completely sealed showering area and needs to be robust enough to fulfil this requirement. Another essential thing is to choose a good shower screen to ensure the shower is fully waterproof.

It is important to consider the material you would like your shower screen to be made from; this can be a plastic or acrylic material or can be reinforced safety glass. When choosing a good shower screen it is important to consider how you will access the shower, will this be at the side or on a corner. This needs to be part of your design and choice considerations.

Whilst you might be able to find a shower screen in a range of pre-made sizes, it may be necessary to provide custom measurements to your shower screen provider in order to maximise your available space. It is worth noting that most shower screens come with some degree of flexibility in their design meaning that non custom shower screens can fit a broader range of sizes.

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