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How to Create the Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

walk-in-wardrobeFiguring out how to create the perfect walk-in wardrobe is as easy as considering your needs—especially since a professional can help you every step of the way! From deciding whether you need more shoe space than clothing space or whether drawers for your sweaters are more a priority than hanging your suits; a somewhat clear picture of what you need will make it easier for all involved.

Deciding What and Why

One of the first things that you need to do is consider how much space you’re working with and what you want most in order to utilise it best. Is it strictly clothing and shoes that you plan to store in your walk-in wardrobe or will you want a little extra something to hold the odd knick-knack or books? You should also consider accessibility for anyone who will be using the wardrobe so that features such as pull-down bars and lower hanging rods can be incorporated if needed. The more you can tell the person designing and installing the walk-in wardrobe the better.

Since these extra features I just mentioned cost money, deciding on your budget is also a must before you place an order for a walk-in wardrobe. Basic shelves and rods are likely to cost less than fitting your walk-in wardrobe with all the bells and whistles. Again, think hard about what you want and need and speak to a specialist about the best options for you so that you get what you need without busting your budget.

Bells and Whistles

Creating the perfect walk-in wardrobe isn’t only about function though—some of us care about aesthetics as well! Depending on the size of your walk-in wardrobe and how much space gets taken up for storage, adding personal touches can also go a long way. For instance, incorporating a beautiful mirror into the design offers function and a little bling. As well, having a larger low-hanging shelf that you can pull a chair up to and use as a makeup/dressing table is also another way to get the most from your space. Decorative hooks and containers and bins can provide you with pretty places to store anything from belts to jewellery while also adding interest to the design.

With a little thought and planning, you can create the perfect walk-in wardrobe that looks just as good as it functions.

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