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The Pros and Cons of DIY Built-in Wardrobes

DIY built-in wardrobeDo-It-Yourself projects are the latest craze in the media, magazines and on tv across Australia. This has meant that people are venturing into ever more ambitious projects whether they’re “handy” or not! It’s no longer enough to be able to paper the room to style it to suit your taste; some people are taking on bigger challenges. DIY built-in wardrobes may not seem like a job for an amateur and in the end only you (and your nervous spouse!) know just what your limits are. But one thing is for certain; whether you take it on yourself from scratch, buy one of the many kits to make built-in wardrobes on the market, or go the safe route and hire a professional—it’s still worth looking into so you can enjoy form, function, and even fashion.

DIY built-in wardrobes are an excellent storage solution to all your household storage needs whilst ensuring that they are built to your exact specific needs. And one of the biggest pros when it comes to DIY built-in wardrobes is the cost savings. Being able to shop around for materials can come in a heck of a lot cheaper than when you have a professional custom make it for you. The con about being responsible for the design and building of the wardrobe is that you lack some of the know-how of a professional who has been trained to not only fit the wardrobe but also know what design factors to consider—something you may not be able to do as well as you think.

If you’re looking for a bonding experience with your spouse or a friend, then taking on such a DIY project together could just be what you’re looking for as building a it on your own could prove quite difficult. Along with endless amounts of cutting and measuring you will also need pieces held up and in place during the assembly phase making this almost impossible for one person alone.

Whether you’re using a prefabricated kit to make your DIY built-in wardrobe or are attempting to do it from scratch; know your limits. Be clear on just how labour intensive your project will be and remember to check what tools you will need to get it done right. Taking on more than you can handle will only result in wasted time and money so choose your project options wisely and objectively.

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