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Best For Less can be your dedicated solution to your furniture issues. Our team can repair your shower screens, whether or not we built it, whatever the brand is. We use a range of materials and tools that allow us to fix any kind of models.

Area of expertise
Our team has technical skills and above all the passion of fixing things. We repair shower screens with a high quality of service to our customers.

Daily use of your shower screens make them less resistant. We can provide a complete solution for shower screen repairs.

Our team is specialized in  shower screen repairs. Have a look at some or our shower screen tips to see how we work and read some of our advices.

Let Best For Less manage your furniture renovation and provide the solution you need even if we didn’t install your shower screens.
Your satisfaction is our first priority. Let experts manage your repairs before thinking of buying a new one. Think twice before changing your shower screen installation. We provide personalised solutions for your shower screen repairs.
With years of experience and expertise, we are confident in the quality of service we provide.

Whatever the brand or the problem, contact us and we will be happy to come to you to give you a free and personalised quote.

The list below shows the most common problems we are used to fix:


  • Broken shower screen: shower screen rollers, shower screen clips
  • Broken shower doors: shower screen seal, shower screen doors out of alignment
  • Broken shower screens’ doors: cracked or broken shower screens glass doors or panel, leaking shower screen, shower screen’s door doesn’t open or close properly

Our team of experts can help you finding solutions for your broken shower screens.
Our shower screen repairs solution can answer to many problems. Here are some example of repairs we can make: the shower screen’s door doesn’t open or close properly, broken shower screens rollers, shower screen doors out of alignment, broken shower screens clips, cracked or broken shower screens glass doors or panel, leaking shower screens.

Listening to your needs is a key to our success in providing you a high quality of service. Trust in our experience in built-in wardrobes repairs and shower screens repairs.

Please take few minutes to look at our company presentation video.

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